Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Israel's Weak Record

     In a report from Foreign Policy, it appears that agents from the Israeli Intelligence Service impersonated United States Central Intelligence Agency Officers. But this is just where it gets interesting. The Mossad agents used their false identities to recruit prospective dissidents to travel from Pakistan to attack proponents of the ruling party in Tehran.
     From 2007 to 2008, the Israelis continued to impersonate American agents. The Israeli backed dissident group, Jundallah, rocked Tehran during a period of sustained assassinations of government officials.

     This episode is not surprising, as it continues an illustrious history of the Israeli government betraying its allies. In 1967, the Israelis attacked a United States radio communications ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, injuring 177 of its sailors on board. The radiomen onboard, who were not at war with Israel, were attacked continuously in multiple runs as the Israelis ignored their attempts to cease their baseless attacks. Even though this was the single most casualty laden incident since World War II for the United States Navy, most Americans are thoroughly unaware of their war crimes.

     Fast forward to the eighties, when Johnathon Pollard, who leaked classified intelligence briefs to the Israeli Mossad. After being arrested, it eventually came to light that he was an Israeli Agent who had infiltrated the government in an attempt to siphon off information.

     These tactics which Israel pioneered in the 1980s appear to have been thoroughly implemented by the late 1990s, when a man who had been a Department of Defense analyst leaked military intel to two senior lobbyists in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Lawrence Franklin, the man in question, was eventually sentenced to twelve years in prison, but the lobbying organization that he was a part of has only grown.

     Now let's look at the Israeli citizens who perished in the 2011 New Zealand earthquake. Normally earthquake deaths occur with little fanfare, that is, unless a group of foreign citizens happens to have up to five passports per person. That's right one of the Israeli citizens who died in Christchurch had five foreign passports, all from different nations.

     The problem with all of these incidents is that they betray the ablility to trust the Israeli government. This trust deficit seems to have, at least in part, limited the legitimacy of the Israeli state. Should they continue these acts, it will undermine the Zionist regime that they have worked so hard to achive. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not about a Jewish cabal or the New World Order. This is about not being able to trust the nations that purports itself as your most trusted ally.


  1. hou lala your not done with this most complicate conflict of all time , nice blog ill follow

  2. The relationship between Israel and the United States is a complicated one, to say the least. I feel there's a lot more to it than the vast majority knows, though. There's got to be something the politicians aren't telling us, don't you think?

  3. This is a prime example of the choke hold that the Jews have on America! It's time to fight back against our oppressors! Obama is on the Jewish payroll! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  4. What a muddy issue. I agree that we're swayed too much by Israel's needs. And I LOVE Ron Paul, so I'm following!

  5. Ah! Reading this, just kind of reinstates the idea that we are the last to know whats REALLY going on.

  6. They only tell us what we want to hear. The rest is hidden.